ENUGU APC: Why Ugo Agballah wants to suspend Onyeama, Chime, others

The Enugu State Media Director of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Independent Campaign Council (ICC), Chief Flavour Eze has disclosed that the Chairman of the party state, Mr. Ugochukwu Agballah has concluded plans to suspend major leaders of the APC in the state from the party. 

Eze named the leaders Agballah wants to suspend from the party in the state to include, the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Geoffrey Onyeama; former Governor of the state, Mr. Sullivan Chime; himself, Eze, among others.

He disclosed that Agballah has subsequently convened a meeting on Thursday (today) at the party’s zonal office in Enugu, where he hopes to execute his last brand of tyranny in the party.

Eze however said that the gloatig of Ugochukwu Agballah has been APC’s albatross in Enugu state, stressing that the foundation members of the party in Enugu State were unfazed by Agballah’s recent unbridled verbal and media attacks on Onyeama; Former President of the Senate, Senator Ken Nnamani and other founding members of the party by the embattled State chairman.

Eze described Ugochukwu Agballah’s antics as “rantings of a frail and sapped politician of yesteryears.”

Eze, an APC leader in Udi local government area, said that it was such a pity that Agballah who claims to be chairman of the party rather than engage in canvassing votes for the party, chose to engage in imaginary fisticuffs as smoke screen for his incompetence and corrupt management of the party in the state.

Eze said that Agballah is a joker who sees a political party as conduit for business as usual rather than his core mandate of adminstration and mobilisation of electorates for elections, adding that the party chairman still leaves in his ugly past. 

Eze said that Agballah in a coup deta dispersed meaniful members of the party and arrogated himself in selfish aggrandizement, trumped up acrimony and polarized the party in order for the real leaders of the party to give him way to conduct business with the party.

Eze alleged that Agballah made good his business and gave opposition parties in the state victory in exchange for porridge he bargained for and turned around to blame the founding leaders of the party for his incapacity.

“These are people you said that you don’t need but should give way so that when you emerge Governor, we can come back. Have you won now? And you say it’s the leaders. So why didn’t you do it without us?”

Eze wondered why the state chairman, Ugochukwu Agballah, like gloating, dwelling in his past vainglory and urged him to stop claiming political feats he never achieved in 1999 or any other recent past.

“Since 2003, Ugo who is not a good follower went into governorship voyage he failed woefully, repeated same failure in 2007 till he was mistakenly brought to APC where he has now exposed his frustration, avarice and ineptitude. So why lean on us?

“You people claimed you had all the wherewithal to finance the party and that everybody should give way for you to actualise your common fraudulent dream, so why attack us,” Eze queried.

He stated that Agballah failed to vote for the governorship candidate of the APC on the March 18 election, and wondered who else could have voted for the candidate when the state chairman of the party betrayed the party’s mandate.

Eze said that the Foreign Affairs Minister, Geoffrey Onyeama, worked for the victory of the party’s presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu with multiple evidences of campaigns for the presidential candidate, but was restricted to work for the party’s victory in Enugu State because of the hostility of the state chairman, Ugochukwu Agballah.

Eze further expressed surprise that Agballah was talking about Covid-19 palliatives in 2023, noting that the issue of an alleged palliative disbursement to opposition parties was a complete display of Agballah’s ignoramus and desperate search for unintelligent excuse for failure.

On the real issues about the APC crisis in Enugu State, Eze said that Agballah was being chased by his own shadow, the problems he purposely created in his crave for monopoly of power and corrupt ineptitude.

Eze said, “the real issues are that once Ugo was made the chairman of APC in Enugu State with the support of the leaders of the party such as the Minister, myself and others, he quickly became intoxicated with power, refused to convene stakeholders meeting.

“But the head of Ugo’s tyranny and corrupt enrichment was his removal of duly elected delegates for the national convention and replacements with himself and his cronies who were not elected as delegates. As state chairman of the party, Ugo was not qualified as a delegate but he removed my name who is an appointee of the Minister and not of the Federal government just because he felt there was money to collect. His avarice has no bound.

“Take note that these leaders that Ugo Agballah decided to keep in the bench meant with Asiwaju Bola Tinubu at the airport when he came to Enugu, but we could not go to the campaign ground where Ugo even refused to acknowledge the Governor of Ebonyi state for the function. So decided to work with the ICC instead of the PCC. We actually campainged for Tinubu which translated to the votes he got from Enugu State.”

He lampooned Agballah for struggling for the position of a Minister in a proposed government he worked against it’s victory and urged Nigerians to treat him with ignominy.


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