Resurrection offers hope to Christianity, says Enugu Catholic bishop, Onaga

The Bishop of Enugu Catholic Diocese, Most Rev. Callistus Onaga has said that resurrection of Jesus Christ, which is the hallmark of Easter celebration, has laid solid foundation for Christianity and offered believers hope of eternal life.

Bishop Onaga, who was delivering his Easter message in Enugu, said without that single act of resurrection, Christian faith would have been in vain.

He described Easter as the biggest feast of the hope of Christianity, added that Christians are a privileged few because “we have that experience of history and experience of hope”.

The cleric noted that Lenten season is a period where Christians do some internal and external purifications.

“Internal and spiritual in the sense that we pray, fast and give alms. So, we have prayed, we have fasted and given alms. It is now time for celebration”.

He described Easter as the mystery of redemption, saying “Christ passing through the crucible of suffering and death, and then experiencing the glorification of resurrection.

Without the resurrection, one would be wondering if actually we will become Christians. If Christ had not risen, in vain is our faith and hope. It is this hope of resurrection that sustains the lives of Christians.

“It means that after this earthly vicissitudes and sufferings, there is a kind of remuneration in terms of internalizing life and surmounting the idea of eternal death and annihilation.

Bishop Onaga said, “Life doesn’t stop here. Life continues after death. That’s what the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is teaching us. It takes faith to understand that.

“If someone has gone through this history and experience, why should we doubt him?

“Even St. Peter in the Acts of the Apostles, was preaching in Cornelius’ house, saying, “my dear brothers, what we are preaching is what we experienced. They condemned him; he died and God resurrected him. We are talking because we experienced it; we saw it”.


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