Imo LP guber aspirants: May Governor Uzodinma sponsor all

By Sam. Onwuemeodo 

lf there’re thirteen governorship aspirants in the Labour Party, lmo State, for the April 15, 2023 Primary, more than eleven of them, have been branded Hope Uzodinma’s stooges or those he’s sponsoring for the Primary. 

lf this tale of sponsorship is anything to go by, it means, the lmo LP is blessed. Abundantly Blessed, in case they do not know. lt means God is using the party’s expected major opponent in the November guber election to bless it. To enlarge its coast. To prepare a table before it, in the presence of its major opponent. 

If the sponsorship claim is true, what makes Governor Uzodinma think that none of the aspirants under his alleged sponsorship would not want to be governor of lmo state like he is today ?. Or, would not want to replace or succeed him as governor?. Or, would not want to go with convoy like he does? . Or, would not like to enjoy security votes or all the paraphernalia of the office of the governor like he does? 

l know that this whole story of sponsorship is void. Cock and bull. Balderdash. .It’s not true. They said, he’s sponsoring Kelechi Nwagwu, Martin Agbaso, Sam. Amadi, Basil Maduka, Athan Achonu, Captain Mbamara, etal. Eleven of them. Fifteen million naira each, for the nomination forms for eleven aspirants, would have given one hundred and sixty five million naira. Which means, Uzodinma has enriched the political party, expected to give it to him by November, to the tune of N165m. 

Like I said, it’s all propaganda. But under normal circumstance, to say that a sitting Governor is sponsoring a governorship aspirant in any party , would have been seen as an advantage. Added advantage. But in this case , it’s been used to lower the reception poles of the aspirants involved. Why?. Your guess or answer is as good as mine. 

l am not a music man. But l like the one Dr Sir Warrior said, ” Onye obula mezie uzo ya emezie ka oketa oke na aka Chukwu”. l have begun to speak in tongues. l have begun to reduce the volume. 

Once any of the aspirants emerges winner at the primary, he becomes the Candidate of the Party for the November poll. He becomes the property or project of the Party. At that stage, what would be the fate of the much talked about sponsor and sponsorship? . Even if after winning the primary, the Candidate says he won’t run again, the party would replace him. Or, the deputy governorship candidate would ascend. Would take over. 

The problem is that, those who designed and have been marketing some of these propaganda do not reason or think deeply and divergently before coming up with them. Honda 175, owere Onye osonso? My dad wu Eze, owere onye osonsoo?. Abum governor lmo state, owere onye osonsoooo?. 

On what ground would Uzodinma sponsor Nwagwu, former Speaker, a very serious man.?. Or, sponsor Agbaso, who started the journey of politics before him? Or, sponsor Lincoln Ogunewe, a retired General?. Or, Sam. Amadi, who has been up there?. Or, Athan Achonu who had arrived very early for the morning Service or Mass? And so on. Any of the aspirants who emerges candidate on April 15, invariably or automatically becomes a threat to Uzodinma’s second term bid. lt doesn’t matter who sponsored him. 

I tell you this too ; Uzodinma sponsoring his blood brother, does not guarantee him any good deal. Anything can happen in every political situation. The brother has been answering governor’s brother. What would be wrong if he becomes governor and Hope would become governor’s brother?. If the man fails to reason that way, associates or umunna would remind him of that. Then, the bubble would burst 

ln 2015, Rochas Okorocha secured the guber ticket with Uche Nwosu who’s married to the daughter, when he went for the Presidency. At that point, everybody was a suspect. And his fears were later justified by the attitudes of some of those believed to have been the closest, among his major appointees. Sponsoring aspirants for any reason is like playing coupon. You take whatever is the outcome. You can’t be sure of anything. 

lf you ask me, all the guber aspirants in the Labour party in lmo are all qualified. They are all qualified to govern lmo. There is none of them that doesn’t have something to brandish. Or to drop on the table. lmo nwere nmadu. LP nwere ndi nwere weight . The party is blessed. Leadership is more of a spiritual thing, than physical. Perhaps, some people still do not know. 

The aspirants in question are all rich. They are all well educated. They are all successful men. They’re men who have done very well in their chosen fields of endeavour. Call them bigmen, if you so desire . 

Yet, out of the them, may the Good LORD bring any of them that has the fear of God more than others . The one that has the spirit of God in him. That’s what makes the difference. When a governor has the fear of God in him or has the spirit of God in him, there are certain things he would not do. There are certain actions he would not take. And certain things he would not say . The people would rejoice. Do you understand? 

The thirteen governorship aspirants or more in the Labour party, lmo State are all sons of “Jesse”. But from them, may God enthrone a David. All the sons of Jesse were all handsome. Successful. To the extent that, Samuel, the kingmaker, would see one , he would say, this is he. God would say, no Samuel. David was in the bush nursing the father’s sheep. Jesse said, you have seen all my children except the one in the bush, takng care of cattles. Samuel said l would wait until he comes. David came, smelling and looking unkempt. God told Samuel, that’s the guy. The correct guy. My choice. God does not make mistakes. 

To authenticate his choice, David went to the war front or zone to serve food to his brother soldiers. He saw Goliath barking and threatening, having intimidated the armies of lsreal out of reckoning. He had subdued them. David said ” who is the uncircumcised philistine insulting the armies of God’s people?. He took up the challenge. The fight. He went with his catapult and stones to fight Goliath. David removed the battle from the Physical, into the Spiritual by telling Goliath that the war was not his , but of the LORD. The rest became history. David defeated a field Marshall with catapult and stones. And got victory, resounding victory, for the lsrealites. I have just made a statement. The ball is in God’s court.

Let a David emerge from the sons of Jesse ( Labour Party) . Read my lips correctly. And get victory for the lsrealites. l am still nodding. Still soliloquizing. Still murmuring. 

There is none of the aspirants who can’t be governor of lmo. The primary for a candidate to emerge must not leave much to be desired. Must not leave any stone unturned. Samuel didn’t manipulate the process for David to emerge. The process was transparent. The reason God used him as an instrument to defeat Goliath . The reason none of the brothers formed a parallel kingdom or structure….” then, Samuel ANNOINTED him in the midst of his brethren”( 1Samuel 16:13). That was because the process of his selection was transparent. Not otherwise. 

Interestingly, Peter Obi himself heads the lmo guber primary Committee. With Alex Otti and Senator Ezenwa Onyewuchi as Members. Victor Umeh is equally a member. But he should not be allowed to do with LP what he did with APGA. He should be watched closely. This is my submission. Or, ” interlocutory injunction”. But not ” motion on notice”. Those who think they have the franchise for these “languages” would be envying me now . We are all partners in progress. The good news. 

The LP is the new ” Sheriff” in town. The reason for the avalanche of aspirants and squabbles. People trying to position themselves for relevance, adighi amama, onitsha gwara Obosi. But they need to be taught or told that they have a task. A responsibility. Which does not require push me, l push you at this stage. 

Nigerians are watching. lmo people are watching. Those in diaspora, are also watching. To see what happens at the end of the lmo LP guber primary. 

Let the lmo LP guber primary, slated for April 15, 2023, be transparent, free and fair. Let whoever is going to win or emerge, seen by other aspirants to have actually won. And the Party takes off from there. That’s the antidote. The panacea. The HCF . The LCM. The lubricant. The olive oil. l am saying something serious here. 

We shall continue to clap for Jesus.


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