Brutality: Police begin trial of officers caught smacking residents with cutlass

The Imo State Police Command has commenced an orderly room trial of the police officers who were caught on a video flogging and assaulting a man in Imo State recently. 

The officers smacked the men with cutlasses, tore their clothes, and tried to forcefully push them into their vehicle when they invaded their residence in Owerri.

The men include;

1. Inspector Amadi Sunday (The Team Leader)

2. Inspector Amajuo Charles

3. Sgt Noachian Chinese

4. Sgt Onwuka Emmanuel

5. Cpl Nzewuodo Goodness

6. Pc Emmanuel Chmezie.

According to Police Force Relations Officer Olumuyiwa Adejobi, the police force will not tolerate any indiscipline from its men as it continues to restructure the entire force.


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  1. Thank you Police relation officer. This is too much in owerri. Last week I was beaten the same way and both my jaw and teeth was cracked. I was in the hospital for four days. God will bless you and your group that start this caring for the public

  2. Honestly this set of officers are the problem we are having in imo state they are criminals a uniform form they brutalize people unlawfully just because they have the guns and the uniform.intimidating the citizens of imo State on daily basis the police are your friends but seriously not with this criminals few weeks ago my neighbour was caught a young boy A designer he was molested and the faulted of his hard-earned money by this same police officers

  3. Looking at the names you can see these are police officers Of lgbo extraction maltreating their brothers and sons. This is to tell you that our problems are ourselves. We love money so much that we can do anything to get. How can criminals be sent to look for suspects in society.

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