NBA suspends female lawyer over Indian hemp, indecent dressing

Ifunaya Delilah, a young female lawyer who was called to Bar recently has reportedly been suspended by the Nigerian Bar Association over misconduct.

Although the Nigerian Bar Association has not yet responded to the ENigeria Newspaper’s inquiry regarding its widely publicized action against Ifunaya Delilah, recent investigations by the newspaper revealed that she was called to bar barely about a year ago and had since gained notoriety online posting images of herself in a wig and gown along with other semi-naked pictures.

Delilah smokes marijuana, and advertises it on social media.

While some have questioned her purported suspension, many have also dubbed her a model who showcases her art differently.

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  1. The word freedom itself is not free. After all, freedom is the ability to do whatever you like without breaking the law. That says that freedom is hardly absolute, rather abundantly relative. She belongs to an association and each group has codes of conduct. Anything insufficiently decorous can fetch you sanctions from the organisation. She can tout her product volitionally, but must also reckon with the attached responsibilities!

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