Sudan war: Stranded Igbo students cry out over alleged segregation in ongoing evacuation process

*Appeal for kinsmen’s assistance

Group of Igbo students in Sudan have expressed dissatisfaction with the ongoing evacuation process by the federal government of Nigeria in Sudan.

In a viral video displayed, some students who are currently trapped in Sudan have alleged that the federal government have failed to accommodate them in the evacuation without any clear explanation.

In the video sited by our correspondent, students were seen stranded in the deserted street of Sudan, where they called on their wealthy brothers and philanthropists to assist in evacuating them outside the federal government arrangements.

In their unanimous appeal, the students stated that there is no single attention given to them by the agents of the federal government who are paid currently to evacuate them.

According to them; “The news has been trending that they are evacuating us. No, it’s a lie and fallacy. They are not evacuating Igbo students here. They are only interested in their brothers here.

“We are very stranded here in the university of Catium. This is evacuation that ought to be inclusive but they are segregating. our brothers should come to our rescue before we die here.

“Everything has turned to politics. We want to go.”


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