Chimamanda Adichie features in Pope Francis’ new book

The Vatican announced that celebrated Nigerian author Chimamanda Adichie wrote the preface of the much-anticipated book “Hands off Africa”, authored by the Pope.

Written in Italian, the book contains all the speeches made by Pope Francis during his various visits to the African continent, especially the Democratic Republic Of Congo and South Sudan.

The book aims to bring to an end the global exploitation of Africa and its resources. It also promotes the idea of an African continent in charge of its own destiny.

Chimamanda, in writing the preface, added her own voice to Pope Francis’s powerful message.

“The book brings me a small sliver of hope for Congo, and for the beloved and broken-hearted continent that I call home,” Ms Adichie said.

She hailed Pope Francis’s powerful message describing it as a message of hope for the Democratic Republic of Congo and the entire African continent.

She went on to condemn the continuous and unrelenting exploitation of DR Congo and the global silence on the pressing issue. She viewed this silence by the global community as a betrayal and proof of the devaluation of African Humanity.

She further explained “His message is not merely that Congo — and, by extension, Africa — matters, but that it matters for one reason only. Not for its resources, which the global North depends on, not for fear that the continent could become again the scene of Western proxy battles as happened during the Cold War, but simply because of the people. Africa matters because Africans matter.”

Pope Francis’s new book also contains the voices of individuals he met during his visit telling their stories and making sure their narratives are heard.

Pope Francis’s legendary visit to DR Congo stirred a global discussion and was the focal point of the preface written by Chimamanda.

The Vatican publishing house announced the release of the new book which is currently in stores.


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