God has rejected Uzodimma, he can’t be re-elected, says prophet

In spite of Imo State Governor Hope Uzodimma receiving countless endorsements from individuals and groups, a seer says his stay at Douglas House will terminate on January 14, 2024.

The General Overseer of the Living Seed Ministry, Lagos, Prophet Chisom Ekwonna made the revelation at the weekend while delivering his Democracy Day message.

He stated that the Imo State governor has been rejected by God and will never be reelected, adding that no amount of endorsement or adoption will save him. 

Recall that Prophet Ekwonna accurately prophesied the ouster of Governor Emeka Ihedioha when he declared that Ihedioha’s mandate will be upturned at the Supreme Court.

 His message reads;“Imo State: Those who have links with 419 businesses in the past should not waste their money and resources for campaigning for Imo governorship. It will be a waste of money and effort because nobody who has been a 419ner in the past will ever be governor of Imo State again, (mark my words).

“Uzodimma: Imo CAN and Imo traditional rulers who adopted Uzodimma for second tenure will be clothed with shame and disgrace because Uzodimma that they adopted has been rejected by God and will never return back.

“I saw Uzodimma in serious tears; he was far watching Imo State. Uzodimma made a mistake that ended his political career. If he had known he wouldn’t have lifted the Bible with his hands in disguise which God saw as mocking his Holy name. 

“Even if all the so-called CAN clergymen pray for Uzodimma he will not return back. Even if all the so-called traditional rulers in Imo State campaigned for him, he will not return back.

“If he sends one million people to pilgrimage in the name of buying applause from the people, he will not return. Every effort done by him will end in futility.”     

Meanwhile, the General Overseer of the Living Seed Ministry, Lagos, Prophet Chisom Ekwonna has released his prophecy as Nigeria marks a change of guards on Monday, May 29. 

He disclosed that Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s government will be short-lived. 

According to him, this is the first time in a transition that power will be handed over to two generals.

 In his words, “I saw a ship with two captains piloting it and in another vision, I saw two horns battling over who will lead.

“The younger wanted to swallow the older but the older one prevailed through the help of people’s prayers but the battle was too severe.

“I saw Tinubu using Lagos than Abuja because it was not safe for him. The doors of Aso Rock were opened for enemies to attack him.

“There is a divine assignment that only APC as a party will accomplish in Nigeria that Buhari failed to complete. Tinubu will accomplish that job. 

 “Tinubu will correct a lot of wrongs done by the past administration. His government will be cut short because those that brought him into power will rise against him, they will feel disappointed and that will bring division.

“APC as a party will divide into, the northern APC to be led by the Vice President and the Southern APC to be led by the President. Nigerians should not expect much from Tinubu because he will be frustrated by those who want him dead but he will not die as they think. 

“In his first term, he will do everything humanly possible to fix Nigeria but enemies of progress will fight against his efforts. His administration will witness the enmity, divisions. 

“So many judges will die for delivering wrong judgment. So many candidates who were declared winners by INEC will be removed in the court. 

“Three serving governors will die on seat under this administration. 

“Rivers State: The governor may be assassinated if care is not taken. He must not detach himself from Nyesom Wike because he will face many challenges that he cannot survive without the help of God which will come through Wike. 

“Akwa Ibom State: The governor will fail the state and his predecessor and may likely be impeached.

“Abia State: Dr Alex Otti will have problem according to my revelations on Abia before the election. Before election I saw a vehicle carrying Labour Party members with their flags and banners waiving and rejoicing but the vehicle stopped one place because I behold a small hill before the vehicle which it could not climb.

“Then I told my church members that Labour Party will win in Abia State but they will face a problem.  

“Bayelsa State: Incumbent governor will return but needs to be careful so that APC does not rob him of his mandate. 

“Kogi State: The PDP will win because the APC candidate is not the people’s choice. But the PDP candidate needs to be careful so he is not robbed because the federal does not need him. 

“Imo: Imo should expect the unexpected. There will be good news in the month of June. There will be divine visitation. Tinubu will put smiles on the faces of people especially in the South East.

“Miracle will happen in the month of June under this new administration.”  


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