Leadership with candour: The Omaluegwuoku Progressive Initiative (OPI) Experience

By Isiaka A. Salmon 

Leadership can be summarily be described as an act of providing visionary and achievable direction to the followers for the purpose of attaining an institution’ objectives.

                                            Leadership include delegating, coordinating, directing, supervising and management of both human and material resources for the main aim of achieving the goals of an establishment or organization. A leadership devoid of honesty, transparency and frankness can’t stand the test of time, hence, the reason so many organizations or groups in political arena don’t survive beyond a specific time.                     

Political organizations in most cases are self-centered with little or no consideration to the followers, therefore, candour is not in their political dictionary.     

                                                                                                               OPI is an household name in the political space of Nigeria. The OPI founded a political group called Igbo-Kwenu for Asiwaju/Shettima, for the purpose of driving home the message of Renewed Hope to all Igbo Communities and entire Nigerians on the need to vote for Asiwaju/Shettima presidency. The group organized zonal and state tours, attended all the APC Presidential, National Assembly and Gubernatorial campaigns across the country. Thank God, the efforts paid off, Nigerians elected Asiwaju/Shettima, gave APC the highest number of Governors and National Assembly seats.        

In all these, the manner the Founder of OPI-Igbo Kwenu for Asiwaju/Shettima, Hon. Amb. Ginika Tor and her Team run the movement in terms of honesty, transparency and frankness is something of interest and has to be studied by political scientists and analysts for the purpose of theorising the strategy adopted.

The candour is so obvious that the members, stakeholders and partners of OPI-Igbo Kwenu for Asiwaju/Shettima had jettisoned the idea of asking questions on the modus operandi of the organization because, any time they did, they got more convincing answers than expected. This resulted to the members always waiting for the next directive on the next action plan to be carried out.                                          

Hon. Amb. Ginika Tor is rare political Amazon that is making impacts in the Leadership training of her followers and promotion of the APC and a united Nigeria project.  

May the Good Lord continue to strengthen this Amazon for the continuation of her selfless services to the political, social and economic development of Nigeria.    

Engr. Isiaka A. Salmon writes from Enugu.


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