Yoruba Community Forum sues for peaceful coexistence in Southeast

The Southeast Yoruba Community Forum has stressed the need for peaceful co-existence of Nigerians irrespective of ethnic and religious inclinations.

The group made the call after the delegates meeting of the Yoruba Communities in the five Southeast States weekend in Enugu.

The president of Yoruba Community in Enugu, Engr. Isiaka Salmon, who spoke to newsmen at the end of the meeting, said peace and unity of the country Nigeria was paramount and superior at the moment.

Isiaka disclosed that the meeting, which was meant to deliberate on the way forward for Yorubas in the Southeast, also focused on the need to continue to be their brothers’ keepers.

He said: “We also looked at the way we are living in the Southeast and emphasized that we must continue to live with peace and harmony with our host communities.

“Our relationship with the host states,. particularly in Enugu, has remained quite cordial. Though, we’re still expecting it to get even better. That’s why we are always making conscious effort to support the government”.

Isiaka used the opportunity debunk the impression that Yorubas do not see Southeast as inhabitable enough to invest in it.

“I want to tell you that it is false to say that Yorubas don’t invest in the Southeast. Yorubas living in the Southeast see here as their home. So, that orientation that here is not safe has changed as we now have a lot of our brothers who have various investments in the region.

“It will interest you to know that in Enugu State here, one of the best private schools in Enugu State is owned by a Yoruba. There are other such investments which have employed a lot of people in the Southeast. This is because we believe that every part of Nigeria is home to every Nigerian.

“So, if you go to various states of the Southeast, you find out that our people are really contributing immensely to the GDP of the states. That’s the way it’s supposed to be.

“On politics, we are not shying away from participating in the politics of the states. In fact, some of us have been contesting elections but, it never went our way. But we’re participating in politics”, he said.


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