Dokubo’s ethnic rant against Ndigbo, perfect depiction of the ‘tale of an idiot’ – MASSOB

The leadership of the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) has described the recent remarks of Dokubo Asari that Ndigbo are slaves and conquered people by Kalabari and Ijaw ethnic nationalities as the tale of an idiot.

This was contained in a press statement signed by the leader of MASSOB, Comrade Uchenna Madu.

He added that the unwarranted verbal attack on Ndigbo by Dokubo rather than dampen our morale, has instead roused our spirit of bravery and patriotism to our root. Any enlightened man that listens to the hate-filled rant of Dokubo will come to the same conclusion as Julio Ceasar who described it as the “tale of an idiot – all noise and fury, signifying nothing.”

The statement read in part: “In the traditional history of conquest, warfare and bravery, of Ndigbo and Ijaw people, it is on record that Ijaw people with their allies have never achieved 7% of the conquest, dominion and domination of what Ndigbo achieved both in the pre-colonial and modern era.

“Asari Dokubo in his festering stupidity, forgot that it was Ndigbo that stopped the British colonial rulers from changing and deleting the native names and cultural heritages of Ijaw people during the conquest of the British colonial adventure.

“How can a prodigal son whose known grandfather with some kinsmen from Abam town in Abia state of Igbo land, conquered Dokubo Asari’s Kalabari community which he claims to be his origin, will turn and say that the Kalabari community, Ndigbo conquered and still dominate in all sphere of life, is our master.

“Dokubo Asari has once again proved his low mentality and the fact that he is just a puff-puff overfed baby.

“That Ijaw people are neighbors to Ndigbo and that Ndigbo treat them as brothers and sisters does not make them equal to Ndigbo, both nationally and globally. Even the Hausas, Yorubas and Fulanis generally see the Ijaw people as an extension of Ndigbo from the Eastern region.”

MASSOB reminded Dokubo Asari that no amount of his loyalty or errand boy services to people in power, whether Yoruba, Hausa or Fulanis will make him a hero or accord him any celebrated recognition because “the federal government knows him for who he is – an overrated hoodlum”.

MASSOB also reminded him about some of his ancestors namely Isaac Adaka Boro, Ken Saro Wiwa and Henry Okah; “their overwhelming loyalty and services to Nigeria against Ndigbo perished with them. They are forgotten because evil cannot be celebrated”, the statement read.


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