Anambra: Man beats spouse to coma for getting pregnant for him

A yet-to-be-identified pregnant lady has been beaten to coma in Anambra State by the man who allegedly impregnated her.

ThE man was said to have used the teenage girl as a punching bag for allowing herself to get pregnant for him when he was not ready for marriage.

The incident happened over the weekend at Aguluezechukwu, Aguata Local Government Area of the State, where the victim was said to live with her supposed spouse.

It was gathered that the pregnant lady hailed from Ozalla village in Isuofia, also in Aguata Local Government Area, but was chased out of the house by her family members for getting pregnant for a man outside wedlock. 

This, according to a source, therefore, forced her to relocate to Aguluezechukwu to stay with the man who impregnated her.

This was corroborated by a video trending on the social media, which showed the severely-wounded pregnant lady as she was rolling on the ground and struggling for her dear life after he was beaten to stupor by the supposed spouse.

A resident of the village, simply identified as Onyeamụma, who videotaped the incident, revealed that the culprit, identified as Chukwunaeme Aṅulobi, had always beaten and manhandled the pregnant spouse since she came to live with him.

“I have always asked why she came to live with somebody who is not her husband, and they said that her family members chased her out of the house to go and live with the person who impregnated her. And ever since she came here, she has always suffered different kinds of maltreatments and molestations from the hand of this man who did this to her,” he said.

Onyeamụma also criticized the suspect for doing such thing to the pregnant lady whom, he said, he had mended with blows, condemning it as a pure act of wickedness and man’s inhumanity to man. He further called on the family members of the victim and the entire people of Ozalla Isuofia to come and take their child home before she dies in the hands of the supposed spouse.

“Isuofia people come and carry your daughter ooo! Come and carry your daughter before they kill her here. See what they did to her. Come to Aguluezechukwu, and ask of Aṅulobi Family, after St. Peter’s Catholic Church, Aguluezechukwu. Use this picture to trace her. The person who did this to her is Chukwunaeme, Chukwunaeme Aṅulobi. Come and carry your daughter…” he said (also in Igbo language).

The suspect, Chukwunaeme, who was briefly captured in the video, was seen attempting to stop the videographer from videotaping and exposing what happened; but was challenged by the videographer.

The suspect, who is a stammerer, was heard accusing Onyeamụma and other people of not having come out for once to save him when he had issues with people, only to now come and videotape him when he beat his pregnant spouse to stupor.

“You people have never come out to save me all this while that people have beaten me here; and now, because of this small thing I beat her, you people have come out. But when people wanted to kill me here, you people did not come out,” he said in Igbo language.

When contacted, the State Commissioner for Women Affairs and Social Welfare, Mrs Ify Obinabo, briefly informed this reporter that the suspect had been arrested; even as she described such act as unacceptable in the State, and reassured that anyone found guilty of such molestation must be legally dealt with.


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