Soludo urges use of co-operative society in crashing prices of goods in markets

 Dr Ogochukwu Soludo, Chairman Advanced Development Solution Initiative (ADSI) Multi-purpose Co-operative Society, Anambra says establishing viable Co-operative Societies could crash the prices of goods and services in Nigeria.

Soludo, who doubles as the General Mission Director, Africa Missionary Empowerment Network (AMEN) Ltd/GTE made the statement in an interview with newsmen on Saturday in Awka.

Soludo said reducing the present economic hardship faced by ordinary people required intelligent Nigerians thinking out of the box, adding, it was in line with this philosophy we formed ADSI Multi-purpose Co-operative Society.

He said, the reason why prices of goods and services are always unstable is because market unions and middle men determine the prices of goods and services in Nigeria.

According to him, “if Nigerians with capacity could form formidable co-operative societies, buy food products and other commodities in bulk and resell at reduce prices, prices will crash”.

Soludo who is the younger brother of Anambra governor said ADIS Multi-purpose Co-operative Society has concluded plans to invest in commodity market with the hope for bulk products purchases to crash prices of goods in the area.

“I believe as co-operative that we can leverage on our number to bypass middle men and market associations that tend to regulate prices of goods and services presently.

“My co-operative is working on old age economic principle of small profit, quick turnover, and that way we hope to revolutionalize the process because that is one sure way to alleivate the sufferings of Nigerians”, he said.

Soludo who reeled out achievements already recorded since the formation of the body blamed poor leadership on dearth of co-operative societies in the country.

“As we speak, ADSI Multi-purpose Co-operative Society runs on pro bono with different professionals who constitute more than 600 membership of the body contributing their part freely.

“We equally leverage on the advancement in ICT to transact our business in the most transparent and credible manner because that is the sure way to carry everyone alone,” he said.

Soludo who said that the membership of the body is open to the public, challenged other Nigerians with the capacity and right virtues of honesty, credibility and humility to help establish viable co-operative societies in parts of the country.


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