Apply wisdom in Asari Dokubo’s outbursts against Igbo, Biafra group advises Ndigbo

*Warns ex-militant leader of consequences of being used

The leader of Biafra Regional Emancipation Movement ( BREM), Dr. Chile Nwoko has called on Ndigbo to apply wisdom in the outbursts from a one-time Niger Delta militant by name Asari Dokubo against the Igbo. 

Dokubo’s verbiage got more pronounced after visiting the president of Nigeria, Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu, in Aso Villa. His tantrums included distancing himself from the Igbo nation, rejecting the call by some Igbo for the release of the leader of IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, to outright insult on Igbo people in general.

But, BREM, a leading pro-Biafra group working under the Biafra Provisional Government and the Biafra Shadow Government, condemned the outbursts and however called on either side to sheath their swords. 

Addressing newsmen in Owerri, the Imo State capital, Nwoko who went down memory lane, reminded the public that Asari Dokubo on several occasions had informed of his Igbo root which he was proud of.

“He had even gone further to enlighten that up to ninety percent of Ijaw houses are of Igbo origin.

On the issue of Biafra, Dr. Chile asserted that Asari is a strong believer in the emergence of a Biafra nation. He reiterated that Asari worked with Ralph Uwazuruike during the days of MASSOB.

 He has also not relented thereafter. Of recent, he was the head of the Customary Government which was being run by one of the pro-Biafra groups. 

Dr. Chile also called to mind the outcry of Asari against the no-elections in Anambra which IPOB ordered during the last Anambra state elections.

Furthermore, the leader of BREM reminded NdiIgbo the several condemnations Asari Dokubo has made against the forceful sit-at-homes being carried out by IPOB in the Southeast, and the kidnappings and killings going on in the region which he, Asari, blamed on IPOB.

“It is without debate to say that Asari loves and cares for the progress and survival of NdiIgbo” he said.

Pointing out, Dr. Nwoko inferred that the present generation of NdiIgbo seem to be loosing the wisdom which the forefathers of NdiIgbo worked with. 

He informed that when a child who loved his father but suddenly start to address his father as an idiot, it should be understood that something is wrong somewhere. It is either someone has misinformed the child about his father, or the child has been hypnotized.

He went on to remind that Nigeria is a dangerous country to NdiIgbo because hatred for the Igbo is what brings Nigerians together. 

The hate for the Igbo is the beginning of wisdom for other Nigerians. He, therefore, calls in NdiIgbo to apply wisdom in Asari Dokubo’s case.

On the other hand, Dr. Nwoko advised Alhaji Mujahideen Dokubo to not insult the Igbo because following such trend will cost him a lot. 

He reminded him that those who did it in the past regretted it. He educated him to know that what the Nigerian state is using him to do is similar to what the whitemen did with the riverine leaders in the past which is ” use and dump “.

The BREM leader called on synergy between the youths of Southeast and Southsouth. 

He informed that they should collect whatever money that the Nigerian state offers to them because such money is coming from their soil. He admonished that such money should not blind them to understand that the eye and the nose have connections.

He informed that the events happening in Nigeria is a call for sober reflection by the young and old among the Igbo and said ” only Biafra can give the Igbo a sense of belonging”.

Dr. Nwoko also called for the stop in the insecurity in Igbo land, the sit-at-home which is affecting the economy of the southeast, and the kidnappings, and for Igbo land to return to its previous state of peace”.


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