Enugu civil servants decry service extension for retired workers

Some civil servants in Enugu State have expressed dismay over the practice of extending services for retired workers by the immediate past administration, and appealed to the present regime not to fall to such temptation.

According to them, some retired workers in the state, based on their close relationships with some people in authority, had had their retirements extended, thereby occupied “juicy positions,” and deprived those still in service opportunity from moving to such offices.

One of the civil servants who spoke to Our Correspondent in an interview, explained that a civil servant must retire from service if he or she attains 60 years of age, or worked for 35 years, whichever one comes first.

He insisted that such worker should exit from the system or seek political appointment, if he so desires. 

“If he remains in service, he will be jeopardizing the chances of the upcoming ones, even if the person is the governor’s clansman”, he said.

Another civil servant explained that the practice of retaining retired civil servants was very popular during the immediate past administration, and advised the present government to avoid the pitfall.

According to him, “it must not be business as usual. We, in the civil service have witnessed a number of anomalies where retired civil servants were granted extension and blocked our chances of moving up.”

“I see this ugly trend tying to rear its head in my ministry. The trust and confidence we have in this government to be like that of Governor Sulivern I. Chime, should not be cut short.

“Gov Chime allowed the system to flow without issuing frivolous extension of service to retirees, as if no other person can do the work”, he stressed.


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