Archbishop Chukwuma wants laws amended to conclude election petitions before inaugurations

The Archbishop of Enugu Anglican Ecclesiastical Province, Most Rev Emmanuel Chukwuma had called on the 10th National Assembly to amend all necessary sections of the Electoral Act to ensure all pending court cases against elections end before inauguration.

Archbishop Chukwuma made the call in his presidential address and bishop’s charge at the third session of the 18th Synod of the Diocese of Enugu at the Cathedral Church of the Good Shepherd, Independence Layout, Enugu.

It was his belief that election petitions, to a large extent, distract new leaders, and remove their focus from delivering the dividends to the people.

He therefore suggested that all future election petitions should be concluded before the inaugura­tion of newly elected presidents, governors, and other officials.

This, he explained, would help to up­hold the integrity of the elector­al system.

“Legislators should focus on people-oriented laws and not merely the quest for who becomes or does not become what. Nigerians of all tribes and religions must this one time and say, “though tribes and tongues may dıffer, in brotherhood we truly stand”.

“I urge the new leaders to muster the courage and political will to take pragmatic measures to solve national problems. There should be purposeful leadership”.

He said the theme: ‘Continue in the Faith’, taken from Colosians 1:23 was prompted by the Holy Spirit in line with the happenings in Nigeria.

The cleric also called on President Bola Tinubu to realize that the work at hand cannot be accomplished by the use of kids gloves and appointment of incompetent persons into offices just on the basis of primordial sentiments. 

He called on the nation’s leaders and politicians to embrace transformational leadership which had put Indonesia, India and others n the path of sustainable growth.

“Beyond these measures, the new administration must, as a matter of priority, take bold decisions on how to quickly reset and revamp the ailing economy. It is sad that the economy is in a terrible shape on account of conflicting and unsustainable policies. The economy cannot witness any appreciable growth with multiple tax regime and the ubiquitous dual exchange rate.

“These policies do not encourage or favor the manufacturing sector. The incoming administration must put in place one exchange rate and do away with the vagaries of the parallel market. The government should prioritize the development of agriculture in all ramifications. We can still regain our position as the largest producer of palm oil, cocoa, groundnut, rubber, cashew nuts. coconut and others.

“The agricultural sector is key to our overall socio-cconomic develonment trajectory.

“Apart from providing the much -needed jobs, agriculture will bring foreign exchange and ensure food security if it is run as a business. Nigeria has enough arable land for agriculture, enough water bodies for fish farming and the needed expertise and manpower. Let state governments take more than a passing interest in agriculture and use it to grow their internally generated revenues instead of depending on the federal government for r the monthly handout”, he said.


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