Sit-at-home enforcers burn down Imo community market, tricycles, cars; Several millions gone

Gunmen have attacked popular Orie Amaraku market, located in Isiala Mbano Local Government Council Area of Imo State, while enforcing the one week sit-at-home order.

The unknown gunmen, in a viral video, burnt so many commercial tricycles, and cars, shot sporadically in the air at the Orie Amaraku market, along Owerri Okigwe road on Friday night, 7th, July 2023.

The development left hundreds of shops in ruins as several millions of naira worth if goods were destroyed in the market.

The unidentified gunmen, in a short viral video displayed online, were captured, burning and attacking traders in the market and commercial vehicles of residents who refused to obey their “sit-at-home” order.

A loud voice in the viral video said; if you come to market tomorrow anything you see take, they unknown gunmen have written to the monarch concerning the sit-at-home order. It is happening live, it is happening live in Amaraku market.

The loud voice continued, “The unknown Gunmen came this night, when they came they were shouting ‘Amaraku no de hear word, Amaraku no de hear word’ that’s what they were shouting. they brought all passengers down and burned the taxi to ashes. They came this night.

“Even the soldiers in the Area are nowhere to be found. Everybody have ran away. The owners of the vehicles have been crying but there is nothing they can do.

“Tomorrow is the daily market day of Orie Amaraku, the unknown Gunmen came today and attacked the market, telling traders not to come out tomorrow. It happened live in Amaraku”.


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