Final-year ESUT student found dead with a male friend in her room

In a heart-wrenching turn of events, the vibrant and brilliant final-year student of Enugu State University of Science and Technology, Mbah Ezinne, has tragically lost her life, leaving her friends and family in shock and sorrow.

Known for her radiant smile and lively presence, Ezinne was a student in the Department of Anatomy and a cherished member of her church community.

As Sunday dawned and the Church service began, friends and family attempted to reach Ezinne through calls, only to find her phone continuously unreachable.

Concerned about her absence and silence, worry grew among those who knew her. Efforts to contact her persisted, but her phone remained off throughout the morning, deepening the sense of unease.

Worried for her safety and wellbeing, her brother embarked on a journey to her residence in Enugu.

Arriving in the afternoon, he made a grim discovery. Peering through her window, he found Ezinne and a male friend, who happened to be her coursemate, lying lifeless on the ground.

Overwhelmed by shock and disbelief, he took desperate measures to access the apartment.

Seeking assistance from neighbours, he was advised to involve the police before any further action could be taken.

The local authorities were summoned, and the victims were rushed to the hospital.

Tragically, Ezinne had already passed away, while her male friend clung to life with medical intervention.


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