Family seizes widow’s two kids, accuses her of killing husband

The widow narrating the incident

A family in Anambra State has forcefully taken two underage children belonging to a widow, Sharon Nwosu, after accusing her of killing her husband.

Chidinma Ikeanyionwu, a media aide to the Commissioner for Women and Social Welfare in the state, Ify Obinabo, disclosed this in a statement on Saturday.

Ms Ikeanyionwu said the incident happened in Ndiowu, a community in Orumba North Local Government Area of the state. She did not, however, mention when it happened.

She said two women who allegedly seized the widow’s children have been arrested.

The two suspects have been identified as Felicia Nwosu, the widow’s mother-in-law and Chinenye Nwosu, her sister-in-law, according to the statement.

The arrest of the two suspects was in response to a complaint lodged at the ministry by the distraught widow, Ms Ikeanyionwu said.

A video clip attached to the statement showed the widow at the ministry’s office, in tears, narrating how she was constantly being maltreated by the family after her husband’s death.

The couple lived in Ikorodu in Lagos State, South-west Nigeria, but the widow relocated to the Ndiowu Community after her husband’s death.

She said the family began to fight her after she declined to hand over her late husband’s laptop and mobile phone to her husband’s younger brother, Ifeanyi, who demanded them.

The family had warned her not to tell anyone about their request, she said.

Mrs Sharon expressed shock that the family would make such a request a few days after her husband’s death, adding that she insisted that such a request should wait until her husband had been buried.

The widow said the family instructed her to hand over the properties to the younger brother so that he would be able to take over the contract of her late husband who was an architect.

While she battled her husband’s death, she was informed that her ailing mother also died the same day.

The widow said before the family forcefully took her children, she was deeply pained that they consistently told the children that she was responsible for their father’s death.

She alleged that the family later broke into her apartment after her husband’s burial and carted away all the money given to her by some sympathisers.

Assurance of help

The Commissioner for Women and Social Welfare in the state, Mrs Obinabo, has expressed her displeasure over the incident, Ms Ikeanyionwu said.

Mrs Obinabo assured the widow that she would assist her to get back her children from the family.

Anambra commissioner, Ify Obinabo

In the video clip, the commissioner lamented that women were always the people behind their fellow women’s ordeal in several families.

“Women will always be where a fellow woman is being dealt with and they wouldn’t talk, but support the act. It can be you tomorrow. When will women start loving their fellow women?” she said.

Meanwhile, the two arrested suspects have been taken to the State Criminal Investigation Department where they were served a letter mandating them to appear before the commissioner on Tuesday, the statement said.

The suspects were to appear before the commissioner with all parties involved in the matter for investigation.


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