Abbah community celebrates new yam festival 

  …Community draws attention to ilequiped health center.

By Iyke-Jacobs Nwosu.

It was celebrations galore ,Saturday 9th. September 2023 Nkwo market day in Igbo when Abbah ancient dynasty in Nwangele Local government Council, Imo state celebrated their first ever New yam festival since the replacement of Uburu 1st. Ezeahurukwe by HRH Eze Engr. Ndubueze Maduabuchukwu , Eze Nwauruogo , UBURU 11 for Abbah ancient Kingdom.

The colourful event that attracted well meaning Citizens of the state and illustrious sons and daughters of entire Abbah took off with a high Mass at the St. Theresa’s Catholic Parish Abbah got backed up with a Royal Procession to their traditional Village square , Okpu Nwabana where the Chief Priest of the communities , Nze Collins Iwuofor , Onyeishi -Ala , Nze Akajiofor Abbah Amaamano with Ozo title holders performed the Compulsory appeasement of gods of the Land before any person including the traditional Rulers could touch or eat the New yam.

It was a scene to behold as they all danced to Cultural Lyrics .

Eminent personalities who were waiting for the return of the Royal father and his traditional Leaders expressed interests that Ndigbo still relish their Cultures and tradition not minding the influence of Western Cultures.

The gathering offered opportunities for the Community to reapraise their Social and Economic /Political Challenges evident in their welcome address .

Engr. Kenschukwu Iwuogo, who is the President general of Abbah ancient dynasty pointed at the sordid state of the community’s Health Center . 

He told the audience that their health Center is in dare need of modern day Health Center equipment and Capable health Personnel that will meet modern day needs while paying glowing tributes to outstanding Political actors in Nwangele.

The Community noted that Abbah has come to be modern day Game Changers in Imo political administration .

Dr. Chief Obinna Azonobi , an outstanding stakeholder while Speaking with Journalists expressed delight that the new Monarch , UBURU 11 , HRH Eze Engr . Ndubueze Maduabuchukwu is poised to make the Community Proud again. 

Dr. Azonobi said this new yam festival has rekindled hopes and belief of young people that our cultures must be sustained. 

Another community leader who robbed mind with newsmen was Engr. Nze Bona Akwiwu , President general of Ogwuaga- Abbah and coordinating PG of all the autonomous communities who expressed happiness that peace is gradually coming back in Abbah land .

He lauded Imo state Council of traditional Rulers and Community Presidents general on their resolve to work together for Community advancements. 

A youth activist who is a community Philanthropist, Chief Santiago expressed lots love that his Autonomous Community is bulbling again. 

He recalled how he has engaged many youths in the past with empowerments which he noted that many others are cueing into. 

Nwangele and Abbah in particular would flourish more ahead with set of Leaders today. 

The Chairman of the event, Nze Nwabueze Mbanaso, reminded the Crowd that Unity of Purpose is the key to Developments . He maintained that Abbah is on the threshold of returning to what they are known , years back , one another’s keepers.

Nze Mbanaso who is the regional director of Fidelity Bank Plc lauded HRH Eze Engr Maduabuchukwu whom he called a bridge builder while urging the Community to support his rulership for the good of all. 

Earlier in his Royal declarations, the UBURU 11 who has resigned for more than four years as the Traditional ruler of Abbah ancient Kingdom stared that the celebration of new yam has eluded his community about 11 years ago due to the demise of Late HRH Eze Emmanuel Madukwem Unaka , Ezeahukwe , Uburu I.

The Eze , who is the custodian of culture and tradition of Acient Abbah, Nwauruogo UBURU 11 declared that Abbah is moving to the next level with God on their side. 

Eze Maduabuchukwu regretted that Western imperialists that came to Africa, stole our African religion in addition to our culture and tradition.

In his words ” Ndieze Igbo and the government’s should intensify efforts to revamp Our lost customs and traditions through New yam festival, Igba nmanwu, Ekekelekee etc.’ This is what we are doing”. 

Asked how his community galvanised support , of many other Communities and Crowd the Royal father said is a team work of stakeholders with his directives. It’s unity that can drive fast advancements of any nation . It’s an opportunity that has proved their belief in me and the throne. We had to put past mistakes behind , he intoned.

Amongst personalities who graced the day included Imo state House of Assembly deputy speaker Rt. Hon Chyna Amara Iwuanyanwu, Chief Paul Ozigbu , Chief Phil Anaele , Chief sir Martin Ejiogu SA to governor Uzodinma on Electoral matters, Nze Dr. Okechukwu Akogu, PhD. His Royal highnesses , Eze Godwin Ejiogu, Eze Ononeyi Uzoma , Eze Godwin E. Shiwobi among others.


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