1967 Igbo Massacre: Biafra Provisional Government tells Ndigbo what to do on Sept 29

The Biafra Provisional Government has set aside September 29, 2023, to mark 56 years anniversary of the massacre of NdiIgbo all over then Northern Nigeria.

To this effect, the group has called on Ndigbo across the globe to use the day to remember the victims of that massacre.

It could be recalled that in the heat of the face-off between Nigeria and the leadership of then new Federal Republic of Biafra, a truce was reached on the 29th of September, 1967 to allow peoples of both sides to cross borders and return to their different regions without harm.

The then Biafra Government was said to have observed and respected this agreement. 

However, the Nigerian side was said to have failed on her part and instead, a massacre of unequalled proportion was visited on the fleeing Igbo all over Northern Nigeria.

This, according to history, marked the second renege on the part of Nigeria on agreements reached with Biafran leadership after the famous Aburi Accord.

In a statement issued to weekend, the spokesman for Biafra Shadow Government, Prince Armstrong Orji, advised that priests and the laity all over Igbo land and Biafra land should put up prayer points on that day in all the masses that will be celebrated to remember the massacred, and for God’s guidance in the Biafra restoration project.

He regretted that since that incident, nothing had changed in Nigeria, adding that the Nigerian state has remained a “Dog eat dog” country, where little attention is given to human rights, justice and fair play.

Orji warned that the day should not be for demonstrations, nor for violence.

“Rather, it is a day for sober reflection by NdiIgbo and a critical time for the Igbo to decide on what they want of Nigeria. 

“It is our belief that a man who digs hole and closes, could be seen as being busy. However, such a fellow achieves nothing at the end of the day. That is the state of NdiIgbo in Nigeria” he said.

He expressed sadness over the seeming lack unity of purpose in the quest for Biafra restoration, saying, though the Biafra Provisional Government does not in anyway support the recent insecurities occasioned by activities of some clamoring for Biafra liberation.

For those agitating for a state of Biafra, he advised that the name Biafra could be changed to whatever name NdiIgbo chooses, adding however that that does not negate the importance of freedom from Nigeria.

Going further, he requested that a day should be set aside in all the Igbo speaking states as public holidays for Dim Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu, and another for late Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe ( Zik of Africa). 

He also suggested that efforts should be put in place by NdiIgbo to lobby African countries to immortalize the name of Zik by bringing out a day as a public holiday all over Africa in remembrance of Zik of Africa because he liberated Africa.

Concluding, he advised Biafrans to eschew violence.


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