Biafra group reacts to alleged attack on non-violent MASSOB members by Nigerian soldiers

The Biafra Provisional Government has condemned the attack and harassment of non-violent members of the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), and their office complex in Anambra State.

The Biafra group also insisted that agitation for freedom is not a criminal act. 

The Biafra Provisional Government (The BPG) made Its position known in a statement issued through the Biafra Shadow Government (The BSG ), while concluding the solemn event to mark 56 years anniversary of the massacre of NdiIgbo all over then Northern Nigeria.

The spokesman for the BSG Prince Armstrong, who commented on the military operations going on in the Southeast due to the renewed insecurity in the region, advised that while the BSG does not, and will not support criminality under the guise of agitating for Biafra freedom, the Nigerian military should avoid harming innocent residents while the criminal elements remain elusive.

Prince Armstrong further reminded the Nigerian military of their duty which is protection of the territorial integrity of Nigeria, saying that harassment and haranguing of innocent and non-arm carrying Biafrans should not be part of it. 

He opined that Biafra is a solution rather than a problem to Nigeria, querying, “How could India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh have progressed if these nations have remained together?” 

He explained that their peaceful separation created the opportunity for the different nations to develop in their different natural, cultural, and religious scopes and speed. 

He explained further that the events occuring in Nigeria only point to the fact that cobbling of Nigeria as an entity is unhealthy. 

The BSG commended all the priests, pastors, and evangelists, and every other individual who offered prayers to mark 56 years anniversary of the massacre of NdiIgbo all over then Northern Nigeria.

The group had set aside September 29, 2023, for the Igbo across the globe to use the day to remember the victims of the massacre of fleeing Igbo men and women, with children inclusive all over Northern Nigeria in 1967, despite the promise of protection and free passage way by the leadership of then Nigerian government, in prelude to the Nigeria -Biafra war.

It stated that the victims would never be forgotten in the annals of Biafra.


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