Tragedy as flood sweeps Imo secondary school girl to death

A Senior Secondary school student of Imo Girls College Owerri, Imo State, has been swept away to death by flood.

The female victim, whose name could not be immediately ascertained as of press time, was said to have left the school premises with her three other classmates while it was raining on Thursday afternoon, witnesses said.

It was gathered that the tragic incident took place around the state government house roundabout.

A POS operator who spoke to our reporter said confusion started when the four girls got to a point where flood had covered the land surface and unknown to them, there was an open drainage manhole in front of a Union Bank within the Government House axis.

She continued, “I saw them arguing which path they would match on. I was waiting for the rain to stop so I can go back to my umbrella shop. The heavy flood had already carried my umbrella. The girls argued for some minutes while still stucked in the rain. But it was impossible to know the best path to match on for rain has covered the place.”Immediately she took her second step, the heavy flood swept her off her feet, forcing her into the deep drainage.

Her school bag floated on the surface of the water. Her friends started shouting for help.

”By the time people rushed to big manhole in front of the Government House, the flood had already transported her down to Nworie River. Some good Samaritans obstructed her from being flushed into the river.

“She was actually breathing at the time she was rescued but when she was taken to Umezuruike Hospital in Owerri, the doctor administered on her and referred her to the Federal Medical Center Owerri. But before then, she has died”, she said.

Meanwhile, residents within that axis have called on the government of Imo State to cage up the manhole with iron which can still allow easy flow of water and hold unsuspecting victims incase of any eventuality. 

They also urged the Union Bank or good-spirited individuals to take up the challenge as the remedial work, they said, will not cost more than a fortune.

They warned that more of the ugly incidents may recur in future if the manhole is still left open.


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  1. What is the IMO State Government waiting for? Do we need a soothsayer to tell us that, that man hole is long due for protection? The top of the manhole is almost as low as the road itself and as such is easily covered whenever there is heavy downpour. Please the government should act fast before another victim takes the dive.
    God bless us all.

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