35 year-old Igbo lady appointed Health Minister in Canada

*Peter Obi hails appointment

In a historic and groundbreaking achievement, Uzoma Chioma Asagwara, from Umuahia South Local Government Area of Abia State, has been sworn in as the new Health Minister and Deputy Premier of the Province of Manitoba in Canada.

She took her oath of office this week, marking a significant milestone in her illustrious career.

Asagwara, born in 1984, is a retired basketball player. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychiatric Nursing from the University of Winnipeg and Brandon University, Canada.

Asagwara’s rise to the position is a remarkable feat, as she not only becomes a prominent figure in Canadian politics but also breaks new ground as the first black individual to achieve this position in Manitoba.

Asagwara was first elected in 2019, becoming the first non-binary and gender non-conforming MLA in Manitoba, and was the first of three Black MLAs elected in Manitoba’s history.

Before her election, Asagwara worked as a full-time psychiatric nurse specialising in mental health and addictions.

As Manitoba’s new Health Minister and Deputy Premier, Asagwara is poised to bring her unique perspective, fresh ideas, and strong leadership to the forefront of Canadian politics.

Reacting to the development, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party in the 2023 presidential election, Peter Obi, congratulated Uzoma Asagwara, on her swearing-in as a Health minister in the province of Manitoba, Canada.

In a series of tweets shared on Sunday via his profile on X (formerly Twitter), the former Anambra state governor attributed Asagwara’s success to hard work and dedication to duty.

The tweet stated, “The swearing-in of a young Nigerian, Uzoma Chioma Asagwara, as the new Health Minister and Deputy Premier of the Province of Manitoba in Canada, was heartwarming. The uplifting report again, buttresses the resourceful spirit of Nigerians.

“According to the report, Asagwara was the first black individual to achieve this position in Manitoba. I sincerely congratulate her for achieving this feat, which can only be earned through hard work, commitment and dedication to duty.”

Obi said that Asagwara is a model of hard work to the Nigerian youths. adding that he believes in the ” greatness and infinite resourcefulness of the Nigerian people .”

“She serves as a lesson in hard work to millions of Nigerian youth. I wish her success in her new position and encourage her to continue to pursue societal progress both in Canada and our country, Nigeria,” he said.

Obi advocated for a “progressive leadership” that would inspire the nation’s youths to succeed.

“Just like Asagwara, many resourceful Nigerian youths will attain greater heights in their chosen fields of endeavour, in the New Nigeria,” the tweet concluded.


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