Truth about pending 2019 Imo guber election case at Supreme Court

By Nwamkpa Modestus (KSM)

I have observed with astonishment the noise being made and falsehood being peddled  by some persons who, either by share ignorance or mischief have been pontificating on social and conventional  media including group discussion about the so called supreme court scheduled October 31 date to look at the  declaration of Sen Hope Uzodimma as Governor. Though, this a mere ploy to attempt to distract the Governor from concentrating on his electioneering campaign and divert attention of Imo public from their resolute stand to support the re-election of the Governor  which is spreading like a wild fire. 

I also read a particular piece last night which was escalated by known opponents of the administration in attempt to further deceive the unsuspecting public and I wondered how any sensible person could give a thought to an obvious falsehood and a purely lifeless matter. Now let me educate your mind with these few facts:

1. Granted, the  Supreme Court ruled that Ugwumba Uche Nwosu has double nomination from both AA and APC but it must be noted that  nomination is different from  candidature.  You are only a candidate of a party immediately your party submits your name to INEC and it is accepted by INEC. Uche Nwosu’s name was NEVER submitted to INEC by APC. INEC only submitted Hope Uzodimma’s name and no other.

2. Uche Nwosu is the sole sufferer of that action of double nomination as it did not, and could not have affected any other person. Double nomination is not double candidature. 

3. Recall that even Uche Nwosu himself challenged the nomination and candidature of Governor Hope Uzodimma at the federal High Court Abuja which the court ruled in favour of Hope Uzodimma. The judgment was not appealed further before Nwosu then rushed and picked AA ticket apparently to meet up with time of submission. The jugement is subsisting. 

4. Again,  the supreme Court in their well considered judgment that declared Hope Uzodimma Governor on January 14, 2020 described Governor Uzodimma as the validly elected Governor. The word ‘vilidly’ connotes that all the processes were right and painstakingly followed including his nomination and candidature. 

5. Besides,  in law, there is time for nomination, submission of candidates’ names by parties and also time to challenge same. The time for all that had since elapsed and CANNOT be resurrected in any way, by any means and through any back door. 

6. Equally, it must be pointed out here that the time to challenge even the nomination had elapsed assuming the period has a life of 4 years. March 18 this year was  exactly 4 years the primary was conducted. .

Having said these, it is ironical but funny  that those who called Uzodimma ‘Supreme Court Governor’ are the same persons who are today running fruitlessly back to supreme court to make their principal  Governor. I did not know that they believe  in Supreme Court making their principal Governor. O di egwu!

Anyway, I just decided to sanitize your mind with these few points before you swallow the bone of falsehood  being forced down your throat. 

Nwamkpa Modestus wrote from Owerri, Imo State


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