Getting rich not my driving force, says UNN newly graduated doctor

One of the newly graduated medical doctors, from the University of Nigeria Nsukka, Dr. Venus Emenari, has said that she intends to travel abroad to enable her fulfill her destiny in Nigeria.

ShE however insisted that getting rich by all means was never her driving force as according to her, she studied medicine to make positive impacts in the lives of the people using medical care.

Emenari was among the 165 medical doctors and 42 dental surgeons from the Class of 2022 Batch A, presented to the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria by the university for induction weekend at a joint ceremony held at the Ituku-Ozalla Campus, Enugu State

The new doctor, who spoke in an interview with journalists, expressed excitement for being among the graduands, it was a beginning of long journey ahead.

According to her, she went into medical studies to fulfill her destiny of curing for the sick and giving care to the needy.

She disclosed however that she would have to travel abroad for a few years to enable her return home to fulfill her destiny.

“I studied medicine because of my passion to save lives and help people. I want to make an impact in the lives of the people around me in terms of giving them care and support. I believe the best place to do that is in medical practice. It may look ironic but that’s true. 

“However, with the situation of things in the country, I would also like to go for greener pastures abroad to enable me get the wherewithal to fulfill my destiny here. Getting rich is not entirely my driving force. I believe in giving back to the community. I also believe in this country and I really want to be part of the people that will bring real change in terms of changing the medicare narrative of our country. I really do want to create the impact I had always dreamed of. But, I will have to be prepared to do that”, Emenari said.

She expressed gratitude to God and her parents for seeing her through the first level of her life career, saying, “I feel excited being inducted into the medical practice as a medical doctor. My excitement is because I have a long way ahead of me.

“I also feel pleased with myself because it took a lot of hardwork to reach this height, intentionality and late nights, and of sweating and tears to reach this height.

“Most importantly, I feel very grateful to God for this because he knows the beginning and the end of this journey. Above all, I feel relieved that I made it. Though, this is just the very first step of a long journey ahead. Rome, they say, wasn’t built in a day. So, I believe this is the beginning of the long journey of prosperity for myself and the world at large because I believe I am coming to do great things with the gift God has given me and what I have learned from the university”.

Emenari advised young people who wish to reach this height to worry less and pray more. 

“Hard work pays more than anything. Every young girl or boy should learn to be committed to everything they do. And when combined with sincere prayers to God, nothing can stop you from reaching your destination”, she advised.


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