Female banker commits suicide over ‘crushing economy’

A female staff of  Globus Bank, Ikorodu, Lagos State, simply identified as Amarachi has committed suicide, citing biting economy as the reason for her painful exit.

Amarachi downed a bottle of sniper, an insect killer, to actualize her suicide mission.

She left behind a suicide note revealing:

Nothing is working in my life,

My Figures are….

My brain is clogged up

The economy is getting harder

My decisions are wrong

My mind is messed up

The future doesn’t seem right at all

I see extreme hardship

I can’t bear the pain anymore”

The Lady ended the letter with apologies to her parents and loved ones and a prayer, “

O Lord have mercy”

Some Netizens have taken to their X social media accounts to react to the tragic news.

Brume Mofedamijo, a social media influencer said, “We are deeply saddened by the loss of Amarachi to depression. Her insights on life’s economic challenges were an important reminder of how our mental health is affected by the world around us. let us support each other and speak openly about mental health. If you are struggling, please reach out—help is available and you are not alone.”

Just Eniola commented,

“Suicide is never an option. Talk to someone when you need to. No one over is above depression. Rest in peace Amarachi

Edie Olawaseun said, “Ah!!! Na God still dey help people like myself.. I suppose embark on this because everything don tire me.. Rest in peace dear…”

Wierd POV said, “This is very sad. The truth is I can understand her. This is a period where everyone is on his or her own.. No one will help because mostly everyone is struggling to get by. Your salary, transportation get am and you look at your responsibilities; a thought will tell u to end it.”

Nathaniel Batholomew said, “Life is sacred and must be preserved. There’s no reason whatsoever for someone to take his/her life or the life of another. Suicide is never an option or the way out of difficult situations.”


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