Celibate prophet warns Ndigbo against idolatry, predicts looming danger

Celibate Prophet, Godfrey Gbujie has advised the Igbo people of Southern Nigeria against religious idolatry saying that the wrath of the Lord would befall the zone if they failed to heed the voice of God.

Gbujie, Oversight Prophet And Mediator

‘Divine Intervention in Nigeria gave the warning in a press statement he issued to journalists in Owerri on Monday.

He said that idolatry has caused  Ndigbo thousands of lives, economic losses, saying if they continue prominent persons including political and socio-cultural office holders  will not be spared very soon.

“Idolatry has also desecrated our land with violence and human blood”, he said. 

Gbujie added that the Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyawu-led Ohaneze Ndigbo and leaders have failed to obediently establish God injunction on the people.

The prophet with political auction on Nigeria also called on political gladiators in Imo to quickly revert to 1998/99 Charter of Equity which rotates the office of the governor amongst the three Senatorial Districts of Orlu, Okigwe and Owerri.

He said that the incumbent governor Hope Uzodinma shall be succeeded by an Owerri man in the person of Samuel Anyanwu to save the state.

According to Gbujie, the unlawful compromise, sabotage, corruption and abrogation of the 1998/1999 Imo State “Charter of Equity” has resulted to a lot of ills in the area.

He explained that having the office rotated evenly would engender peace and progress among Imo people.

Gbujie further warned against what he tagged the institutionalization and celebration of disgustful “Igbo Religion; Ikenga and Athiajoku Festival”,

“The abominable act and sabotage aborted the very biblically prescribed and statutory “50th Year National Political Jubilee” of Leviticus 25:8-17” which God mercifully granted the Igbo nation.

Gbujie said,  sacred ministerial mission includes: To launch a fierce, sustainable and effectual spiritual warfare against “Ishmael” the wicked Archdemonic spiritual ruler of the Igbo nation, as the Lord called him in his vision on November 29, 2023. 

“The goal of the “warfare” is to cast him out of Owerri from where he has been punitively and oppressively controlled the entire Igbo land and installing his own “human agents” as state governors and Igbo political rulers while destroying the economy, civil peace and security of the land ruthlessly since 1980.

“I do ministerially call on and implore all spiritual conscious Christians and Judaists of Imo State and Igbo land to severally and collectively join us in the Spiritual Warfare that started  Thursday, January 11, 2023 and ending on Saturday April 21, 2023. 

“I call and advise for group Intercession against the archdemon and his subordinate demons.

“I also enjoin all to prayerfully seek God’s “Divine Judgement Mercy and Grace” for and upon our divinely-convicted Jewish Igbo nation and her ungodly elders and leaders against the looming “divine judgement anger”. 

“I, ministerially conveyed to them respectively, none of the Elders and Governor shall be spared if they defy the “four months divine judgement order”, he said.


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