Engr. Ozo Jerry Patrick Onuokaibe: A philanthropist beyond words and face to modern Mburubu

By Architect Chijioke Nwachukwu

It is impossible for one to support one’s passion without practical proof, and in line with this belief, we delve into the undeniable evidence backing Engr. Ozo Jerry Patrick Onuokaibe as a true philanthropist. The Bible emphasizes that faith without work is a fallacy, and here we present the practical proofs of his multi-dimensional philanthropy in Mburubu.

In the year 2020, Engr. Ozo Jerry Patrick Onuokaibe personally sponsored two talented Mburubu indigenes to a national premier Soccer Academy, transforming their talents into marketable soccer skills both in Nigeria and overseas.

In 2021, he bore the substantial cost of repairing and restoring all electricity transformers in Mburubu, totaling a commendable #7.5 million Naira, ensuring their functionality and usefulness to the community.

Engr. Onuokaibe went further by establishing the Mburubu Electricity Restoration Committee, overseeing a #20 million Naira contract for the installation of 150 low-tension poles, ensuring comprehensive electricity coverage for all of Mburubu. He also cleared all outstanding EEDC Bills for the community.

In the same year, he generously donated hundreds of bags of rice to women in various Mburubu villages as palliatives and Yuletide gifts, displaying a golden heart and empathy for the downtrodden.

In 2022, he sponsored free healthcare for all Ndi-Mburubu, prioritizing the prime asset of sound health for the community.

Taking a forward step in 2023, Engr. Ozo Jerry Patrick Onuokaibe established a Soccer Academy in Mburubu, nurturing young talents into skilled soccer stars for the glory of the land.

Adhering to the philosophy of teaching people to fish rather than giving them fish, he sponsored 24 Ndi-Mburubu youths on a Skill Acquisition Programme, transforming them from liabilities to assets and empowering them to contribute to the community’s prosperity.

The list of his philanthropic gestures in Mburubu is inexhaustible, and even rational enemies cannot validly deny the reality of his philanthropic achievements. Engr. Ozo Jerry Patrick Onuokaibe’s unique philanthropic attitude continues, ensuring more positive impact and prosperity for Ndi-Mburubu.

As he tirelessly plans for additional benevolent initiatives, it is evident that he is not just a philanthropist by action but a beacon of hope for the community. Only God Almighty can reward him adequately for his selfless contributions, and Engr. Ozo Jerry Patrick Onuokaibe stands as an inspiring example of how one individual’s commitment can transform and uplift an entire community. In recognizing his invaluable role, Mburubu looks forward to a future shaped by his enduring legacy of kindness and transformative generosity.

Moreover, his exceptional leadership qualities have led many in Mburubu to consider him the ideal candidate for the position of Ìgwè. The collective desire of Mburubians echoes a sentiment that Chief Jerry Patrick Onuokaibe is not just a philanthropist; he is also the embodiment of the values and leadership qualities the community seeks in its traditional ruler. The overwhelming support from the community is a testament to the trust and admiration they have for him, making him the people’s choice for the prestigious role of Ìgwè.

In fact, he has been officially elected as the Ìgwè-elect by the unanimous approval of Mburubians. Any other person parading as such is a mere impostor that should be arrested. The community, with resounding conviction, affirms Engr. Ozo Jerry Patrick Onuokaibe as their chosen leader, and any attempt to undermine this decision will be met with the full force of the law.

As the community eagerly anticipates a future guided by his benevolence and wise leadership, Engr. Ozo Jerry Patrick Onuokaibe stands poised to not only continue transforming lives but also to lead Mburubu to greater heights as its revered traditional ruler. Embracing modernity and tradition in harmony, he personifies the face of a modern Mburubu, blending progress with cultural values for a community poised for a brighter future.

Nwachukwu, a former PDP Chairman, Mburubu Ward,. Nkanu East LGA, wrote from Enugu.


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