Nkanu East youths caution Enugu Commissioner over sponsored attacks against LG boss

Youths in Nkanu East LGA of Enugu State under the auspices of the Nkanu East Concern Youth(NECY), have called on the state commissioner for commissioner for Science and Technology, Prince Lawrence Ozoemena Ezeh, to put a stop to the ongoing attacks on the person and the Chairman of Nkanu East Local Government Area, Hon Sydney Okey Edeh.

The group, who expressed concern over the continuous attacks the LGA chairman, called on the commissioner to refrain from local politics and concentrate on his official duties as commissioner for science and technology in the state.

The youths said the media attack on chairman Edeh would not change the unanimous decision of Mburubu people over who becomes Igwe in the community.

This call was made in a statement issued to journalists in Enugu by the National Publicity Secretary of the group, Comrade Ejike Valentine Nnaji. 

Comrade Nnaji emphasized that the group believes Prince Ezeh is orchestrating media assaults against Hon Sydney Edeh due to the latter’s issuance of a certificate of acceptance to Chief Jerry Patrick Onuokaibe as the Igwè-elect of Mburubu community. 

The National Publicity Secretary asserted that this endorsement was based on empirical evidence and the unanimous approval by Mburubu community leaders, as sanctioned by the village constitution.

“The attention of the National leadership of the Concerned Youths of Nkanu East Local Government Area has been drawn to a series of media attacks on the person of our amiable Local Government Chairman, Hon Sydney Okechukwu, orchestrated by media representatives working for Prince Lawrence Ozoemena Ezeh, the Honourable Commissioner for Science and Technology, Enugu.

“These premeditated attacks stem from the alleged endorsement of Chief Jerry Patrick Onuokaibe as the ìgwè elect of Mburubu community, a man unanimously endorsed by the leaders of Mburubu.

“In a blatant misuse of media platforms, media boys associated with Prince Lawrence Ozoemena Ezeh have launched relentless assaults on Hon Sydney Okechukwu. This unwarranted aggression is directly linked to the Chairman’s issuance of a certificate of acceptance to Chief Jerry Patrick Onuokaibe, based on empirical evidence and the unanimous approval of Mburubu community leaders, as sanctioned by the village’s constitution.

“Prince Ezeh’s media team, through his PA, Rt Hon Christopher Onyima, initially propagated baseless accusations, accusing Hon Sydney Okechukwu of accepting a staggering bribe of ₦100 million Naira. This fabricated allegation was later retracted by the P.G Hon Emma Edeh. Hon Okechukwu signed the acceptance letter based on empirical evidence provided by the Mburubu leaders who unanimously endorsed Chief Jerry Patrick Onuokaibe as their ìgwè elect.

“The Concerned Youths of Nkanu East condemn in the strongest terms these unwarranted attacks on our Local Government Chairman. We find it deeply troubling that a serving Honourable Commissioner, responsible for Science and Technology, would resort to such divisive tactics, diverting attention from his official duties.

“The alleged attempt by Prince Ezeh to influence the local government chairman with a cow as a bribe, which was reportedly declined, further raises questions about the Commissioner’s intentions and actions, casting doubt on his ethical conduct. The formation of a faction within the community by Prince Ezeh’s group adds another layer to his involvement in local politics, raising concerns about his commitment to ethical practices.

“The National Leadership of Concerned Youths of Nkanu East hereby issues a strong caution to Prince Lawrence Ozoemena Ezeh, urging him to focus on his official duties and refrain from further attacks on Hon Sydney Okechukwu. We call for unity within the community and emphasize the importance of addressing issues through proper channels, advocating against resorting to media confrontations.

“In conclusion, the Concerned Youths of Nkanu East seek a swift resolution to the ongoing conflict, stressing the need for responsible and ethical leadership within the community and the state at large. We call upon Prince Lawrence Ozoemena Ezeh to collaborate with Chief Jerry Patrick Onuokaibe, the ìgwè elect of Mburubu, to advance the community and desist from causing unnecessary discord,” The statement reads.


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