Diocese raises alarm over ‘fake Catholic Church’ in Enugu

The Catholic Diocese of Enugu has raised an alarm over the alleged existence of a fake Catholic Church in Enugu State, south-east Nigeria.

In a statement on Monday by the Secretary of the diocese, Chidi Agubuchie, the diocese said it was recently drawn to a trending video clip of “simulated Roman Catholic episcopal ordination and liturgical worship” celebrated at Ibagwa-Nike, a community in Enugu East Local Government Area of the state.

The diocese said the group, according to their signpost, claimed that they were members of Old Roman Catholic.

It said the group is being led by a bishop who does not participate in apostolic succession, pointing out that they also observe some practices associated with the Catholic Church.

“This is to inform all Catholic faithful and the general public that the said self-acclaimed Roman Catholic group at Ibagwa-Nike is not in communion with the Universal Catholic Church led by the Holy Father, Pope Francis with its universal see and government in Vatican City, Rome,” the diocese said.

It stressed that for a Christian to be fully in communion with the Universal Catholic Church on earth, he must be joined with Jesus Christ in the “church’s visible structure by bonds of profession of faith, celebration of sacraments and by ecclesiastical governance” also called the Code of Canon Law.

“The ‘pseudo-Catholic Church’ based at Ibagwa-Nike does not in reality share in any of these three bonds, and thus, is not in communion with the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church under Pope, the successor of Saint Peter,” it said.

“Therefore, the Catholic Diocese of Enugu, led by Most Rev. Callistus V.C. Onaga, hereby disassociates herself completely from the activities of the Simulated Roman Catholic Church and warns all her faithful to beware of them, their activities and movements.

“Do not be lured by their claims, promises, simulations and religious enticements. They are ‘fake Roman Catholic church,’” it added.


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