Dr. Tony Nwoye Never Received Any Dime For The Building Of Innovation Centres

The attention of Sen. Dr. Tony Nwoye Media Center has been drawn to various comments and reactions pertaining to the ICT Innovation Hub which the people’s Senator representing Anambra North Senatorial District, Sen. Dr. Tony Nwoye deployed all the necessary legislative tools to get the job done at Aguleri and the other one ongoing at Okpoko in Ogbaru Local Government Area.

To this end, we state categorically that the phantom desperation and mischievous attempt by some people who want to earn some political fortune by misrepresenting facts either by comparing the hub vis-à-vis what Senator Abiru did for Lagos East Senatorial Zone is rather unfortunate and out of sheer ignorance.

This line of thought and basis of comparison flies in the face of logic and reasoning because what Dr. Tony Nwoye did for the community is not a constituency project for Anambra North.What Senator Tony Nwoye did was to go extra mile to get the project that was meant to be cited in CHATSSA South East Zone is executed in his constituency Anambra North Senatorial Zone.We wonder has this became a crime?

First, this Project was captured in 2023 Budget with Budget number and Title: ERGP202301053: CONSTRUCTION OF INNOVATION CENTRE IN CHATASSA SOUTH EAST GEO-POLITICAL ZONE.
The Project was awarded in May 2023 with the award Letter attached therein. Note that Dr Tony Nwoye was sworn in as a Senator on 13th June, 2023. So the Contract and Contractor has been there before his swearing in as a Senator. He never nominated the Contractor directly nor indirectly. This can be verified through The FG’s APP on Tracking of Constituency Project/Capital/FG’s Projects.

Those trying to appeal to the emotions of unsuspecting citizens with the false claim that Senators were given Money to construct Tech Hubs for their people should establish their claim by answering the pertinent question of who released the money and when?

The Contract is for the building of two ICT Centres, one in Aguleri and the other in Odekpe Community in Ogbaru Local Government area. Total contract amount is 99 Million Naira for the two Buildings, which means each building is less than 50 million inclusive of tax. While that of Senator Abiru is over one Billion naira.

The project Senator Abiru did for Lagos East was constructed in 2022 even before Dr Tony Nwoye became a Senator . So where is the news of the money given to the Senators to construct Tech Hub coming from?.

Please Note that no kobo has been released to Senator Tony Nwoye for any Federal Government project for any Computer/Innovation hub in the past years. Anyone who opposes or stand in contradiction to this fact should please come forward with his/her substantive claim and details of the alleged money given to the distinguished Senator representing Anambra North or any other Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to build a computer hub or ICT Centre.

It is on record that Federal Government of Nigeria has never released a dime to him for projects executed by him till date, rather he has unceasingly used his hard-earned money and contact to facilitate, construct many projects with little or no refund. Please this claim is verifiable.

For avoidance of doubt, we will update some of the projects Dr. Tony Nwoye has facilitated and executed in Anambra East and West, Anambra North and Anambra State, all verifiable projects and 80% of these projects were done when he was neither holding any position or Government appointment. Stay tuned on this page as we bring up to speed on these projects.

As we urge citizens to outrightly reject these rootless propagandists who dish out half-truths while on the run against Dr. Tony Nwoye’s towering profile, we urge the good people of Anambra North and our fellow citizens to always insist on doing a fact check on issues because it helps in moulding opinion while shunning deliberate or advertent lack of curiosity about facts.

(Completed and Ongoing)

  1. Construction of Ukpo – Police Zone 12 – Oranto Expressway, Ukpo Dunukofia LGA, Anambra State Under Federal Ministry of Works Abuja (Ongoing) awarded at ₦2.5Billion Naira
  2. Actively participated in facilitation of award of contract for rehabilitation of Enugu-Onitsha expressway from Umunya – Nteje – Awkuzu to Awka end awarded to RCC Nigeria Limited by Federal Ministry of Works (One Lane Completed) (Ongoing)
  3. Rehabilitation of Otuocha – Onitsha Federal Road Spur to NKA – Amumu Road Nsugbe Under Federal Road Maintenance Agency (FERMA) Contract No. GM/19 – 121 (Completed)
  4. Rehabilitation of Adani Federal Road Spur Umuara Ogbendida Umuilokpa –Abbah Road Nsugbe (Anambra North) Under Federal Roads
    Maintenance Agency FERMA – Abuja Contract No. GM/19 – 20 (Completed)
  5. Provision of Solar Street Light at Nka Abata, Nnadi Road Nsugbe Under Federal Roads Maintenance Agency (FERMA) Contract No. FERMA/ES/ST/ELECT/20-01 (Completed)
  6. Provision of three in one Solar Street Light in Oranto Village Ukpo Zone 13, Nigerian Police Force Road Ukpo, Akpalaju Nsugbe, Nzennba Ukpo Anambra State Under Federal Ministry of Power Abuja Contract no. FMP/PROC/928/VOL.11/272 (Completed)
  7. Construction of Olilio – Offianta Road Abata Opposite Nwafor Orizu College of Education Under Michael Imodu National Institute for Labour Studies Ilorin (Completed)
  8. Construction of Umuanaveli New Site Road, Eziagulu, Aguleri Off Otuocha – Aguleri Road, Aguleri Under CCU Michael Imodu National Institute for Labour Studies Ilorin (Completed)
  9. Construction of St. Anthony Catholic Church Road Umudioka Under Michael Imodu National Institute for Labour Studies Ilorin (Completed)

10.Construction and Furnishing of Nsugbe Civic Centre/Skill Acquisition Centre under Federal Ministry of Works and Housing Mabushi Abuja. Ref no: FMW & H/DPP/MTB/2020/2974/VOL.1942 (Ongoing)

  1. Construction of Ugwunasa Atusa, Offianta Ugwuokwunane Ifite Road Nsugbe Under Federal Roads Maintenance Agency (FERMA) Contract no. FERMA/CM/21-244 (Completed)
  2. Construction of Akunesiobi Road Umuleri Under Federal Roads Maintenance Agency (FERMA) (Completed)
  3. Rehabilitation of Ezi Afo Road Igbariam Under Federal Roads Maintenance Agency (FERMA) (Completed)
  4. Rehabilitation of Chuks. C.J Avenue Road Akpaka Under Federal Roads Maintenance Agency (FERMA) (Completed)
  5. Construction of Umuobi Ogwuari Road Nsugbe Under Federal Roads Maintenance Agency (FERMA) (Completed)
  6. Construction of Durba Road Nneyi Umueri Under Federal Roads Maintenance Agency (FERMA) (Completed)

17.Construction of Dr. Atanmuo Road Ogidi Under Federal Roads Maintenance Agency (FERMA) Contract No: FERMA/GM/21- 13 (completed)

  1. Construction of Ifite-Umueri-Awkuzu Oyi LGA under Federal Roads Maintenance Agency (FERMA) Contract No. FERMA/GM/21-38 (Completed)
  2. Rehabilitation of Iyiobo – Ogwukwa Town Hall Road Omor Ayamelum LGA under Federal Roads Maintenance Agency (FERMA) contract no. FERMA/GM/21-38 (Completed)
  3. Construction of Oye Ukpo-Orofia Oranto, Road Off Enugu – Onitsha Expressway, Dunukofia LGA, Anambra State under Federal Ministry of Works Abuja FMWSH/DPP/1ST MTB/2019/2748/VOL.1/22 (Completed)
  4. Emergency repairs of Nka – Abata – Ojilibuota Road Nsubge Spur to Onitsha Adani Express Way Anambra State (Section 2) under Federal Ministry of Works, Mabushi, Abuja (Completed)
  5. Construction and Rehabilitation of 2nd Access Road in Ako/St. Augustine Catholic Church Road in Umuoba Anam, Anambra East LGA (Completed)
  6. Construction and furnishing of 2 Nos 6 class rooms Block with VIP toilets at Umueze Anam Anambra West LGA and Nsugbe under Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) (Completed)
  7. Rehabilitation of 6 Km Existing 33KV Lines with 2 Km Extension of 8 Nos 500 KVA Relief Distribution substation and rehabilitation of 3 KM existing 11 KV Lines in Nsugbe town and College of Education community, Abata Nsugbe, Anambra State under (Niger Delta Power Holding Co ltd Ref: NDPHC/NIPP/PWC/0031/2021 (Ongoing)
  8. Emergency repairs of Road in Abata-Nka-Ojilibuota Nsugbe with Spur to Onitsha-Adani Express Way in Anambra State by Federal Ministry of Works (Completed)
  9. Facilitated award of contract for construction of vocational training school at Abata by Nwafor Orizu College of Education by Universal Basic Education Commission (Completed)
  10. Provision of access road in Umuoba-Anam with spur from Otuocha-Nzam- Abaji Express way contract NO. GM/18/150 awarded by Federal Roads Maintenance Agency (Completed)

28.Construction little wood estate road Obosi, Idemili North in Anambra state

  1. Repairs and maintenance of road in Nkwo edo-afia uzo road Oraifite and Ugwuasa road Orula in Anambra state.
  2. Construction and rehabilitation of Onitsha-Omor-Adanni expressway spur from Offianta Nsugbe-Ugwuokwunane-Ifite Nsugbe-Atusa-Amagu Nsugbe in Anambra state.
  3. General maintenance and Rehabilitation of roads in Igbariam, Ilokpa Nsugbe, Umuobi Ogwari Nsugbe, Mabia street Nsugbe, Dr Atanmuo road ogidi, Chuks cj avenue road Akpaka and durba road nneyi spur from Onitsha-omor-expressway Anambra state.
  4. General Maintenance and Repairs of Nsugbe Onitsha-Aguleri-Adani Road in Anambra State Under FERMA (Completed)
  5. Rehabilitation of Spur from Umuara-Umuilopa-Abba Nsugbe Road Off Onitsha-Adani, Federal Road (Completed)
    Construction of Drainage, Road improvement work for Erosion Nsugbe under Federal Ministry of Environment (Completed).
  6. Provision of solar streetlight in Abegbu Anam, Nando and Umuenwelum Anambra East/West LGA (Completed)
    Provision of solar street light in Abata, Nzam, Ifite, Ezi Anam and Umuleri by Anambra Imo River Basin Development Authority (Completed)
  7. Actively participated in facilitation of order for further commencement of work after about seven (7) years of abandonment of work on rehabilitation of Otuocha Anam-Nzam Innoma Iheaka Ibaji Kogi Federal Road awarded to Niger Cat Nigeria Limited by Federal Ministry of Works. (ongoing).

37.Facilitated admission to institutions of higher learning for some indigenes of Anambra East, West and Anambra State.

  1. Facilitated employment for graduates of Anambra East, West constituency and Anambra State into various Federal Government Agencies like DPR, UNIZIK, UNN, Police, EFCC, Navy, Federal Civil Service Commission etc.
  2. Various empowerment programs for constituents at different occasions for Anambra East and west VIZ Cash empowerment on 31/1/16, Cash Empowerment on 29/5/16, Christmas Celebration for Constituents on 24/12/17 etc.
  3. Construction of Solar Powered Borehole at Nneyi Umueri (Completed)
  4. Construction of 22 Poles Solar Street Light at Umueri Community (Completed)
  5. Construction of 15 Poles Solar Street Light at Igbariam (Completed)

43.Construction of 21 Poles Solar Street Light at Umuoba Anam (Completed)

  1. Construction of 14 Poles Solar Street Light at Umueze Anam (Completed)
  2. Construction of 12 Poles Street Light at Orometiti Anam (Completed)
  3. Construction of 12 Poles Solar Street Light at Umuikwu Anam (Completed)
  4. Provision of Transformer at Ikem Nando (Completed)
  5. Construction of 3 Blocks at Stella Maris School Umueri (Completed)
  6. Construction of 3 Classrooms at Justice Chinwuba Girls School Invite Aguleri (Completed)
  7. Donation of Sport Equipment to Premier Primary School Amaeze Aguleri (Completed)
  8. Construction of 2 Hand Boreholes at Eziagulu Out Aguleri (Completed)
  9. Construction of 1 Hand Borehole at Umuikwu Anam (Completed)
  10. Construction of 1 Borehole at Umenwelum Anam (Completed)
  11. Construction of 7 Solar Street Poles at Ivite Aguleri (Completed)
  12. Construction of 9 Poles Solar Street Light at Nzam (Completed)
  13. Construction of 9 Poles Solar Street Light at Mmaita Anam (Completed)
  14. Construction of 3 Poles Solar Street Light at Nando (Completed)
  15. Construction of 3 Poles Solar Street Light at Agbegbu Anam (Completed)
  16. Construction of 3 Poles Solar Street Light at Oroma Etiti (Completed)
  17. Construction of 16 Poles Solar Street Light at Nsugbe (Completed)
  18. Construction 8 Solar Street Lights at Eziagulu Out Aguleri (Completed)
  19. Construction of 4 Solar Street Light Poles at Inoma (Completed)
  20. Construction of 3 Solar Street Light Poles at Ukwalla Anambra West LGA (Completed)
  21. Construction of 3 Solar Street Light Poles at Owelle Anambra West LGA (Completed)
  22. Installation of high powered solar streetlights, Ikem ivite, Nsugbe orula avenue, Okpoko ward 6, Oronwu Nsugbe, Udoka estate Abata, uchefuna street Nsugbe, Nteje ezunnaka estate and other towns in Anambra state.
  23. Construction of 8 Solar Street Light Poles at Umuannaevilli New Site Aguleri (Completed)

Thank you All.

© Dr Tony Nwoye Media Centre.


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