Rivers State Cannot Be A Dumping Ground For A Clueless Governor And Government – Tony Okocha

The Leader/Chairman of the Caretaker Committee (CTC) of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Rivers State, Sir (Chief) Tony Okocha (JP), Ksc, DSSRS, has expressed his displeasure over the dearth of governance in Rivers State under the Governor Siminilaye Fubara-led PDP government in Rivers State.

Speaking on a wide range of governance issues in Rivers State over the weekend, the Leader/Chairman of the CTC of the APC in Rivers State sounded it loud and clear that Rivers State cannot be a dumping ground for a clueless Governor and Government, and insisted that Rivers State must maintain her pride of place in the comity of States.

Sir (Chief) Tony Okocha was particular about the absence of any initiative by the Rivers State Government to cushion the negative effects of the present decline in the economic situation in Nigeria, on Rivers people.

The Leader/Chairman of the CTC of the APC in Rivers State submitted that while other States are mobilising for industrialisation for food security in the face of the current economic hardship in the country, the Rivers State Government under Governor Siminilaye Fubara is “mobilising for shenanigans”, adding that the Rivers APC cannot be in cahoot with a faceless Government in Rivers State.

He assured that there’s a glimmer of hope that Nigeria will be out of her economic doldrums, adding that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is exploring and exuming all possible means to right the wrongs of yesteryears, which according to him is not rocket science.

According to the Leader of the APC in Rivers State, what is expected of Governor Siminilaye Fubara at the moment by Rivers people is for him to think outside the box to compliment the efforts of the Federal Government, just like his colleagues in other States are doing, and de-emphasise his inanities of street matches and hypocritical charade in the name of thanksgiving.

“I dare him to take the challenge as Gov. Sanwo Olu of Lagos State did, to face the Press in public glare and explain policies and antidotes and viable solutions to the current economic situation in the country.”

Sir (Chief) Tony Okocha said, “I read that Niger State Governor procured 1000 tractors to work over a 10,000 hectare of land.”

“This gesture will necessarily provide employment for at least 1000 unemployed.”

“Borno State Governor is on the hinterlands of Borno distributing food stuffs and materials to the people, to cushion the effects of the economic miasma.”

“Anambra State Governor also acquired a large number of tractors for farming.”

“Governor Sanwo Olu of Lagos State seems a paragon already on development and poverty amelioration strategies.”

“Alas, Gov Siminilaye Fubara is busy sinning against God and humanity. I shall not waste my time to catalogue the heap of Gov Siminilaye Fubara’s sins. They are legion but the one, too many, is the nakeding of helpless Rivers Grandmothers and Mothers, and display them on the streets with meaningless inscribed homilies, strapped to their hands, all for ephemeral satisfaction….that unfortunately, is solution to the hues and cries of Rivers people at a time like this.”

Sir (Chief) Tony Okocha further expressed his disgust at what he described as “monotonous cacophonies of rhythms and lyrics rendered in frog~like tunes in cenotaphs, in the garb of daily thanksgiving”, adding that Gov Siminilaye Fubara must retool or throw in the towel or be disgraced.

He described as an “unpardonable abomination”, the case of dehumanisation of Old Mothers and funding of ostentatious Street charade by the Governor, which has become the order of the day in Rivers State, in the guise of demonstrating support for him.

He went on to submit further that “Governor Siminilaye Fubara MUST apologise to humanity and divinity for paying Rivers money to expose that which the Almighty God abhors should be open to all eyes ~nakedness of Old Grandmothers and Mothers of Rivers State.

On the continuous disobedience to Mr President by Governor Siminilaye Fubara, with his refusal to re-present the 2024 budget to the Rivers State House of Assembly as contained in the Peace Proclamation which he agreed to, and appended his signature, Sir (Chief) Tony Okocha reminded the Governor that it is yet another month end of financial profligacies without a budget, and assured Rivers people that the Rivers State House of Assembly will bite accordingly in the spirit of Checks and Balances, haven barked enough.

The Rivers APC Leader accused Governor Siminilaye Fubara of impoverishing the state and stepping on her to dehumanize, violate, and defile her citizens, using hunger approaches to hoodwink Rivers State people.

Amb. Vincent Gbosi,
Special Assistant on Media to the Chairman of the Caretaker Committee (CTC),
All Progressives Congress (APC),
Rivers State.

25th February, 2024.


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