About Us

Community Reporters is an online publication for news and events in communities in Southeast region of Nigeria.

The medium is an exciting and innovative way for people in the Southeast to build confidence and tell a story about themselves.

In Community Reporters, we give a voice to everyone, particularly in the communities in Southeast, Nigeria to say something – about where they live, what they’re experiencing, and what they want to see happen.

Established February 2023, we are credited with a string of incisive reports that have created massive engagements, and are helping to shape or reshape governmental policies and institutions, particularly in the Southeast


To give voice to the mostly neglected rural people of the Southeast and relentlessly pursue truth in our passion to inform and empower the people of the Southeast.

To be one of the most influential news source in Southeast Nigeria.

Core Values:

Team spirit

Ownership mentality






Community Reporters…voice of the people